Frequently Asked Question

This question is posed to us almost every hour of every day. Whether it is in the form of “What happens if I owe taxes” or “What if I owe taxes,” without knowing your exact situation, we are unable to give you the best plan of attack. Normally, we say that if you are someone looking for IRS tax help or IRS tax debt help, then pick up the phone and call us. We offer a free consultation and will take our time to explain things to you no matter what your issue may be. Whether you are looking for a federal tax settlement, have a question about a payment plan, or just need help with tax debt, give us a call and we will figure it out together. Even if we can’t help you, we may be able to send you to one of our helpful tax settlement affiliates.

To answer this question is a little tricky being that there are a lot of variables. Very similarly, people also wonder how to stop an IRS levy which is also equally complex. First things first, is you need to get in compliance by filing your returns. From there, you can attempt to navigate through the IRS channels to get a garnishment or levy released. In many cases, before that happens you will be required to show financials and submit an IRS tax settlement form. This will more than likely lead to failure and putting yourself in a worse position.